Developed as a modular system to allow configuration and enhancement with custom options unique to any business.

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SYS summary

The application front-end leverages the Akamai Intelligent Platform and Akamai Cloud Security Solutions

Akamai's Intelligent Platform is used with an integrated suite of web delivery, acceleration, and optimization technologies with the intelligence to make real-time web experience optimization decisions based on the situational requirements of device, network, location and browser, Netstorage is used for files storage while Access Control & Token Authentication will protect and secure the files for downloading, Kona Site Defender can be added to this platform to prevent: Layer 7 attacks, DoS and DDoS attacks and to enhance site security and mitigate risks by cloaking the application origin.

Functionalities & Modules

SYS File/Document Sharing

File/Document Sharing

Allows documents to be uploaded into Akamai Netstorage using Akamai Access Control to secure file downloads against unauthorized access.

Files will be categorized with tags, dates and abstract notes.

Access management control to files is based on user groups definitions and user roles permissions.

Searching for files is done using filters such as tags, dates and notes.

SYS User categorization and management

User categorization and management

Create and manage the users allowed into the application, defining permissions and roles.

Manage groups for users with shared characteristics, allowing for access control to files operations.

Access to the application is based on user roles, which will be configured in various degrees of access to functionalities/modules.

SYS User rights

User rights

Depending on the user rights they can view only, download, add files, tags, create groups an users, etc.

SYS Tag management

Tag management

Create and manage tags to be applied to each file, to allow sorting/searching. Tags are created once and made available throughout the application.

A hierarchical structure can be used to organize the tag system.

SYS Calendar browsing capability

Calendar browsing capability

The application has a calendar browsing capability and organization, that will allow users to browse any file by calendar, thus recreating a virtual unlimited repository of its files.

SYS Log management

Log management

Allows control on user activities within the application such as logins and file operations, also uploads/downloads or access control changes.

Logs will be maintained for each file and for each user.

When files are uploaded or downloaded, an entry will be made to a log, this log will be available in the management application.

SYS Push Notification Module

Push Notification Module

Allows the application to send push notification to an user, group of users, when the administrator makes files available for downloading and mark them to push.

SYS Strong Authentication Module

Strong Authentication Module

The application can be setup to use strong authentication by its users, by combining the personal or enterprise SSL certificates to the login action.

SYS Awards


SYS Awards

SYS won the 2014 Akamai Global Innovative Solutions Award.

This award recognizes Arturai who together with Akamai have built and integrated an innovative solution that can be deemed as 'thinking outside the box' while addressing the critical needs of any business.

The application front-end leverages both the Akamai Intelligent Platform and Cloud Security Solutions.


Akamai's Cloud Security Solutions embedded on SYS protects and secures the front-end while Netstorage is used for files storage & Access Control will protect and secure the files. All files are encrypted and protected via Token Authentication.


Akamai's Intelligent Platform grants optimal performance, leveraging the whole +170.000 servers to distribute the files lightning fast.

The application is developed in a modular system, thus allowing it to be configured and enhanced with custom options unique to each business.

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